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Home News “Realizing China Dream: A Visit to Listed Company” - Open Day Activities of Cosunter’s Investors

“Realizing China Dream: A Visit to Listed Company” - Open Day Activities of Cosunter’s Investors

Published:2015-09-02 | Source: | Visited:483

[Open Day]

The “fairness is around us” special investor protection activities jointly sponsored by the China Securities Regulatory Commission Investor Protection Bureau, China Securities Investor Protection Fund Corporation and China Securities Medium and Small Investor Service Center were officially launched in the middle of 2015. On August 28, in cooperation with China Insurance Regulatory Commission Fujian Bureau and Listed Companies Association of Fujian, Shenzhen Stock Exchange held the “Realizing China Dream: A Visit to Listed Company” - open day activities at Cosunter (300436), a listed company on GEM, to further strengthen the awareness of investors and shareholders, assert medium and small investors’ right for knowledge, promote the self-improvement as a listed company and create a more fair and rational market environment.

The purpose of the activities is to implement Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Further Strengthening Protection of the Lawful Rights of Medium and Small Investors in Capital Markets and fully implement the requirements for investor protection at each aspect and link for capital market reform and development and regulation enforcement through specific and concrete measures so that each investor, especially numerous medium and small investors, will really feel that the fairness is around them.

[Investors’ Visit]

Fujian Cosunter Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a state-level high-tech enterprise engaged in the area of anti-HBV drugs which has applied over 30 national patents associated to anti-HBV drugs. Cosunter Pharmaceutical, established in 2001, has developed into the only enterprise which is able to produce the three optimized anti-HBV drugs of adefovir dipivoxil, lamivudine, entecavir. More than 100 investors from different securities companies participate in an on-site investigation and survey of the Company and listen to the Company’s product introduction and general information introduction.


Relevant leaders from Investor Education Centre of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Listed Company Association of Fujian and Securities and Futures Association of Fujian, as well as President of Fujian Cosunter Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. attended this activity. Staff of Shenzhen Stock Exchange explained three activities, six "Convenient Services” and five platform services carried out by Shenzhen Stock Exchange in simple terms to the investors. Securities investment manager of Cosunter introduced the information of Cosunter to the attending investors.


In the interaction session, the attending investors raised many questions, including the next step of the Company’s development strategy, product innovation and reserves, brand building and development strategy of endogenous growth and extensional M & A. When questioning the shareholding of securities finance company, Cosunter’s president tactically answered it with “our Company will rely on ourselves, not on any others”. In the warm interaction activities, investors were deeply impressed by the calmness and humor of Cosunter’s president and professional and detailed answer of the president secretary.


Decade for Cosunter, Century for development. If a company needs a definition for their every leapfrog, we expect the prospect and development process of Cosunter as following:

From 2015 to 2020, the growth of Cosunter's sales revenue will be steady and rapid with market share gradually increased. With leading competitive advantage, Cosunter will become a competitive enterprise.

From 2021 to 2025, Cosunter will strengthen the core competitiveness of science and technology, feature the combination of originality and market considerations, try to surpass our competitors and make itself an outstanding enterprise.

Cosunter is acting to develop and striving to become China's leading R & D and production enterprise in liver medicine field.