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Cosunter's 2016 Annual Meeting Held in Zherong and Fuzhou

Published:2016-02-02 | Source:Cosunter | Visited:410

Life is a voyage. The winds of life come strong

From every point; yet each will speed thy course along,

If thou with steady hand when tempests blow

Canst keep thy course aright and never once let go.

- Theodore Chickering Williams

The 2016 annual meeting themed “working together to overcome difficulties” was successfully held in Zherong Production Base and Fuzhou Headquarters in secession. The annual meeting held in the headquarters has gone on splendidly in three chapters.

Chapter I How to Face up to Difficulties

It’s our honor to invite Hou Bin, the world champion in high jump, to deliver a speech named the Power of A World Champion for our staff in the meeting. At the opening of the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games, Hou Bin managed to lift himself, together with his wheelchair, by hands to the highest point to light the Paralympic torch, which was beyond his limit and shock the whole world. In the speech, he mentioned that the meaning of life lies in maintaining an exhilarating state, which will enable you to hold out to the end in adversity and enrich yourself in prosperity. Moreover, we can only go beyond ourselves by daring to set life goals and challenge ourselves. At the end of the speech, Hou Bin took photos with our staff to mark this event. The spirit of this champion will inspire all the staff of Cosunter to work together to overcome difficulties!

Splendid Moments of Hou Bin, the World Champion

Hou Bin is delivering a speech named the Power of A World Champion

Hou Bin takes a group photo with our staff at the end of the meeting

An overview of the venue

Li Guodong, the General Manager of Fujian Cosunter Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., delivered an important speech, in which he analyzed the current situation, deployed the focuses in 2016, set the overall goals and require all the staff to make efforts to save energy, increase efficiency, make constant model innovation and work together to overcome difficulties. Li Yuanli, the Executive Director of the sales company, gave a wonderful concluding speech of the Company’s marketing work in 2015 and proposed the strategies and methods for achieving the sales targets in 2016. Moved by his speech, the audience burst into thunderous applause.

Li Yuanli, the Executive Director of the sales company

Chapter II Face Difficulties Based on the Current Circumstances

All department heads of the sales company made excellent reports and made fruitful discussions on the regional meetings about the current difficulties. As a learning-oriented group, the Company organized several expertise trainings for our staff, where Prof. Chen Chengwei shared the latest medical information. Huang Fuhu, the General Manager of the sales company, made a mobilization speech for the overall work of the sales company in 2016, sounding the bugle for the sales campaign of 2016.

The staff carefully listen to the speeches

Chapter III Wording Together to Overcome Difficulties

In the afternoon of January 26, the Chapter III of the meeting kicked off after the release of the Company’s fifteenth anniversary video. The Chairman of Cosunter delivered an important speech themed Working Together to Overcome Difficulties in 2016, which inspired all participants. The lively atmosphere continued in the following award ceremony, staff art performance and the evening party with a Luck Draw session.

The Chairman is delivering an important speech - Working Together to Overcome Difficulties in 2016

General Manger Huang Fuhu from the sales company presents awards

Ebullient opening

Flourishing Flowers (dance)

Fifteen Years Of Companionship (sand painting)

All of One Heart (dance)

Lucky monkeys of Cosunter present their sincere New Year wishes

The Monarch Orders Me to Patrol the Mountain (dance)

Trace You in Flour (game)

Looking back, we have made innumerable great achievements with great enthusiasm; At present, we are full of confidence and passion at present; we will work with strong vigor and high morale in the future. With fifteen years of companionship, we are now well prepared to rise to all challenges and fight for a promising future. We will work together to overcome difficulties in 2016!