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Cosunter Won the Title of “Fujian Enterprise of Good Creditworthiness”

Published:2016-06-30 | Source:Cosunter | Visited:562

We are pleased to announce that Fujian Cosunter Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. among other 17 pharmaceutical companies, has been awarded the title of "2014-2015 Fujian Enterprise of Good Creditworthiness" by the Administration for Industry & Commerce of Fujian. In these companies, three are provincial companies, three in Fuzhou, two in Ningde, three in Xiamen, three in Zhangzhou, two in Nanping and two in Longyan.

Since the establishment, the Company has always been adhering to the business philosophy of "credit first", leaders at all levels attach great importance to the awareness of credit responsibilities and the sense of credit obligations, and are familiar with relevant national laws and regulations. Therefore, Cosunter has been awarded the title of "Fujian Enterprise of Good Creditworthiness" for many times.

We have set up a credit management group, created credit files and clearly defined duties. All contracts concluded between Cosunter and other parties comply with standards and are complete in terms and accounts. Upon the completion of contracts, all relevant documents will be timely sorted, archived and properly preserved as prescribed. Cosunter has been rated above Grade A in the general evaluation on enterprise credit for years.

Sticking to the mission of "spreading benevolence and caring for the people's livelihood" and the spirit of "revitalizing traditional Chinese medicine with science and technology", Cosunter focuses on the research and development of anti-HBV drugs and strives to realize "self-dependent innovation" through industry-university-research cooperation. Possessing a leading pharmaceutical production, research and development base, Cosunter has become a leader in the field of researching and developing antiviral drugs for hepatitis B in China.

List of 2014-2015 Fujian Enterprise of Good Creditworthiness Province:

Provincial level

Fujian Southeast Medicine Co., Ltd.

Fujian Tongchun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Fujian Jinshan Bio-pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Fujian Bestway Medical Polymer Corporation

Fuzhou Neptunus Fuyao Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

Fuzhou Neptunus Gold Elephant TCM Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.


Fujian Cosunter Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Fujian Gutian Pharma Co., Ltd.


Dale (Fujian) Healthcare Co., Ltd.

Fujian Gutian Pharma Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Haicang Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd.


Zhangzhou Pien Tze Huang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Zhangzhou Shuixian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Tongyitang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Fujian SanAi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Fujian Yangzu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Fujian Fuyuan Medicine Co., Ltd.

Sinopharm Holding Longyan Co., Ltd.

Cosunter is confident to maintain a rapid growth, fully implement the brand-oriented, technology-based and internationalized development strategies and develop into one of China's leading enterprises specialized in researching, developing and producing liver-protective drugs.