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Home News The 25th National Hospital Pharmacy Academic Conference held in Xi’an

The 25th National Hospital Pharmacy Academic Conference held in Xi’an

Published:2015-12-28 | Source:Cosunter | Visited:485

To practice the development concepts of “inheritance, pragmatism, cooperation and innovation” proposed by the Fifth Hospital Pharmacy Committee and the tenet to build an academic exchange platform, lead industry development, build up talent team and strengthen the discipline construction, the “25th National Hospital Pharmacy Academic Conference and Satellite Meeting of the 75th FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences” organized by the Committee of Hospital Pharmacy Section of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association (CPA), undertaken by Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Association and co-organized by Xijing Hospital and Tangdu Hospital affiliated to the Fourth Military Medical University was held in the ancient capital Xi’an during December 4-6.

Over 2,000 participants from all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China attended the Conference. Themed on “Rational Drug Use and Development of Hospital Pharmacy”, attendees conducted in-depth discussions on issues including the information construction of hospital pharmacy, disciplinary development of clinical pharmacy and latest treatment concepts for clinically critical diseases and drug use strategies and principles, unfolding the latest achievements and development trend of disciplinary field of hospital pharmacy in a full range of aspects.

On December 5 at 8:30 a.m., Professor Zhu Zhu, the Chairperson of Committee of Hospital Pharmacy of CPA presided over the opening ceremony and invited Mr. Zhao Minggang, director of Drug and Medical Reform Administration of the National Health and Family Planning Commission to introduce the progress of medial reform in China and working ideas of the next step of work. Mr. Xiong Lize, the Distinguished Professor of “Chang Jiang Scholars Program” launched by the Ministry of Education and the president of Xijing Hospital affiliated to the Fourth Military Medical University elaborated how to select the subjects scientifically and realize translational medicine using abundant examples. Professor Xiao Xiaohe, director of the PLA Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Professor Gao Yue, director of the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Institute of Radiation Medicine, Academy of Military Medical Sciences introduced the progress made in traditional Chinese medicine fields from aspects of modernization of traditional Chinese medicine and safety of traditional Chinese medicine. Professor Gao Tianwen, member of Academy of Dermatology and Venereology of Chinese Medical Association shared his experience on how to become an outstanding academic pacesetter by sharing the development history of Dermatology Department in Xijing Hospital with attendees.

Five sessions themed on “Safe and Rational Drug Use for Women and Children”, “Safe and Rational Drug Use for Pain and Narcotic and Psychotropic Drugs”, “Hospital Pharmaceutical Management and Practice of Pharmacy Services”, “New Normal of Pharmacy Services: Experience from Private Hospitals” and “New Progress in Drug Therapy and Disciplinary Construction of Clinical Pharmacy” were held in the afternoon of December 5, discussing priorities and difficulties in the current fields of pharmacy. The evening sessions were equally exciting. Themes such as “Practice and Sharing of CPA Overseas Training Program for Clinical Pharmacists”, “Internet + Pharmacy Services”, “Innovation Driven by Morality and Devotion: Special Session on Pharmacy Administration Program of Tsinghua University” and “Exchange of Excellent Papers” also attracted the attention of numerous attendees for tireless discussions till the sessions ended.

The Satellite Meeting of the 75th FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences was held on December 6. Professor Chen Bing, Deputy Secretary General of CPA, Professor Zhu Zhu, the Chairperson of Committee of Hospital Pharmacy of CPA, Professor Yan Suying, member of therapeutic Drug Testing and Research Committee of Chinese Pharmacological Society, Professor Lv Qianzhou, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Association and Professors Zhang Chao and Liu Fang from Peking University Third Hospital shared with attendees the meeting operation modes and meeting experience of large pharmacy meetings in the world, including the 2015 World Congress on Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, FIP conferences, ACCP Global Conference on Clinical Pharmacy, Asian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy and IMSN annual meetings, and introduced the latest development, priorities and difficulties as well as excellent themes discussed in these conferences, bringing the global cutting edge information to the pharmacy fields in China. The Conference came to a successful end in the prize-awarding ceremony for excellent papers.

Cosunter did our best to help hold the Conference through full cooperation with CPA. Through communications at the Conference, the scientific literacy and skills of pharmacy of pharmacists in China will be greatly improved. In the future, Cosunter will continue to stick to the mission of “spreading kindheartedness and caring for people's livelihood” to promote the development of hospital pharmacy in China.