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Home News Cosunter’s Annual Meeting Themed “Transformation to a New Stage in 2017” Held in Fuzhou

Cosunter’s Annual Meeting Themed “Transformation to a New Stage in 2017” Held in Fuzhou

Published:2017-02-03 | Source:Cosunter | Visited:475

Time flies and a busy year - 2016 has passed but an expectant new year - 2017 is saying hi to us. A new year means new target and new hope.

Fujian Cosunter Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. held its annual meeting themed “transformation to a new stage in 2017” in Fuzhou from January 22 to 23, 2017. All staff members were excited to witness and share these warm and impressive moments during the meeting.

When we look back, we will always remember that we walk hand in hand to success by everyone’s efforts in 2016. When we look ahead, we will fill ourselves with confidence to welcome 2017.

The 2017 annual meeting started with the dance named Thunder Sky performed by the employees from R&D Center.

Our president gave his conclusion and commented on our achievements made by all departments in 2016. He also put forward new requirements for our development in 2017 and showed his best wishes for everyone in a new year. After that, the Secretary of Board of Directors Mr. Chen Ying delivered his speech as the representative of head office.

Award ceremony

All staff members were thanked for their efforts in 2016 and many awards were given to specific employees to encourage them to set a good example in 2017. Every hardworking employee was awarded in the ceremony for their contributions to Cosunter and encouraged and expected to keep trying in 2017.


Many distinct performances prepared for this meeting were so impressive including dances, martial arts, songs and the like to give us great surprise again and again. The audience excitedly cheered and applauded. The award ceremony ended with the song named “the Power of Dream” sung by every participant to show that Cosunter’s employees help each other at all times.

Dinner party

Our dinner party started at 18:00 when everybody could not wait to engage in Luck Draw and AR-Red-Envelope activities. Luck Draw was the most exciting moment to make each participant hyperactive and hope to come back with many gifts and benefits.

The annual meeting brought us many smiles and laughs and made staff members closer to each other.

The managers interacted with employees like friends and engaged together in Luck Draw during the meeting which was filled with songs, applauds and cheers.

Everyone felt interested and excited in this meeting from the beginning to the end, which showed that we were so glad and lucky to join this big family.

In 2016, we made efforts with one heart and one mind and share joys and sorrows with each other, and worked hard to welcome a new start with our wisdom.

In 2017, we will walk together hand in hand and bring Cosunter a bright future with our faith and undertaking.