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Home News Clinical Data Collected over Three Years from TDF-ETV Non-inferiority Control Trial by Cosunter First Released Globally at APASL Annual Meeting 2017

Clinical Data Collected over Three Years from TDF-ETV Non-inferiority Control Trial by Cosunter First Released Globally at APASL Annual Meeting 2017

Published:2017-02-19 | Source:Cosunter | Visited:409

The APASL annual meeting is one of the most influential conferences in this field around the world. The 26th Conference of APASL was held at Shanghai International Convention Center on February 15 - 19, 2017 where more than 5,000 renowned specialists and scholars from 57 countries and regions were brought together for the purpose of “take actions against liver disease”.

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At the event, Cosunter’s satellite symposium took place on February 17 where the lead investigator, Professor Ren Hong released the result of her clinic study for three years from TDF-ETV non-inferiority control trial.

The lecture hall was packed and everybody was academically interested and excited.

This annual meeting was co-hosted by Professors Hou Jinlin and Wang Guiqiang as the chairman of APASL and the commissioner of the branch of Chinese Medical Association respectively. Professor Hou delivered his speech at the beginning of the meeting to welcome all professional participants around the world and show his wishes for this meeting. All specialists could not help engaging themselves in the meeting and played an active role in questioning and discussion. They were willing to talk about their clinic experience and showed great expectation for Cosunter’s TDF into the market.

Professor Hou Jinlin

Professor Zhang Wenhong from Huashan Hospital subordinate to Fudan University focused on the new development of HBV treatment for the engaged specialists prior to the release of study data. The new background today places a greater demand on HBV treatment. Professor Hou as the representative of APASL cosigned the Statement of Elimination of Liver Disease with other chairmen of such associations around the globe in the EASL meeting held on April 14, 2016. TDF has been recommended as the best choice for CHB treatment by all countries in their guidelines in that it is featured with greater antiviral effectiveness, no drug tolerance, as B-type drug for pregnant women and fewer side effects. TDF produced domestically which is about to put into the market soon will bring lower price, better service and more benefits to Chinese patients suffering from CHB.

Meanwhile, Professor Zhang also showed his expectation about elimination of HBV in the future. There is a long way to go for us to eliminate HBV and we should never stop making efforts because it is possible and hopeful.

Professor Zhang Wenhong

After that, as the lead investigator of TDF- ETV non-inferiority control trial, Professor Ren Hong from 2nd Hospital subordinate to Chongqing Medical University first published their achievements in clinic study over the past three years at the meeting. This research focuses on a TDF-ETV non-inferiority trial as the first test known for foresight, multiple centers and double-blind control, the clinic data of which has been verified by SFDA on the site. The results show that: TDF capsule developed by Cosunter can be used to deal with untreated patients with chronic hepatitis B in a quickly and strongly effective way by continuously lowering HBV DNA; up to 94.5% of such patients turn better after 144 weeks with their HBV DNA<400copies/ml, ALT normalizing rate at 90.8% and HBeAg negative conversion rate at 30.6%, also featuring lower risk and no drug tolerance. This result is similar to that of former TDF Clinic Research III.

Professor Ren Hong

Finally, Professor Wang Guiqiang gave an impressive conclusion of this meeting. He spoke highly of the fact that TDF-ETV non-inferiority control trial could pass the site verification in clinic data conducted by SFDA. He recommended that untreated patients, young patients and patients after treatment should try the method with TDF.

Professor Wang Guiqiang

This event provides a good opportunity especially for Asia-Pacific countries and regions to share information and experience and is of great importance for accelerating the development of hepatology and improvement of liver disease treatment in Asia-Pacific region.