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Speech by the Chairman of Fujian Cosunter Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Published:2015-04-27 | Source: | Visited:933

Today, April 22, 2015, we are listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Fujian Cosunter Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the first company in Ningde, Fujian listed in the said exchange, is a young modern pharmaceutical enterprise.

Adhering to the concept of “spreading benevolence and caring for the people’s livelihood”, Cosunter always sticks to a dream that is to provide scientific solution for Chinese liver disease treatment. During the past 14 years, Cosunter has developed to be the only enterprise which can produce the three first-line anti-HVB drugs at the same time in China. Moreover, our market share ranks the first in the domestic enterprises in the field of anti-HBV treatment. I believe in the power of concentration, I believe in the power of persistence, I believe in the power of scientific innovation and I believe in the power of dream!

Now I feel quite excited and deeply grateful. I deeply appreciate the times and our government, and I feel so lucky to live in the contemporary flourishing age. Thanks to all the brothers and sisters who work and struggle together with me. Thanks to all the professional services provided by intermediaries including the outstanding Hualin Sponsor Team, Grandhall Law Firm, Grandtale and Panorama Network and so on. Sincerely appreciate all the people in my life. It’s fate that brings us together.

As for Cosunter, IPO means a new platform, a new beginning, a new journey and a new progress. Be grateful and practical. Cosunter will never forget its initial belief that is to seek solution for Chinese liver health. Let Cosunter’s dream become part of the Chinese healthy dream. Over the hills, while there are higher mountains. We will do our best! Thank you!