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Live up to Our Duties in The New Era and Start a New Journey

Published:2018-02-12 | Source:Cosunter | Visited:2110

As spring comes, everything comes back to life.

When the first light of 2018 lights up the sky, please accept the first New Year greeting of Cosunter!

Hello, 2018!

Hello, everyone who remains true to their original aspiration and keeps going!

Hello, the fellows who march on the new journey in the new era to fulfill the great Chinese Dream!

History rolls on as time passes and dreams are realized with endeavor.

Looking back, the painstaking and inspiring flashing footprints in 2017 have become a warm and precious memory.


In 2001, Cosunter Pharmaceutical emerged in the field of anti HBV (hepatitis B virus) drugs. From the first product of adefovir dipivoxil tablets, a national new drug of Category I to FGD capsules, China’s first homemade tenofovir for hepatitis B indication, the Company has become a pioneer company with the most various products in the area of anti HBV drugs. Now the Company has endeavored for 16 years. We remain true to our original aspiration and keep digging for 16 years.  

Working with WuXi AppTec, a world renowned new drug R&D platform, we have created an overall range covering hepatitis B, hepatitis C, fatty liver, liver cancer treatments and liver protection, dig into worldwide research and development of new drugs and provide scientific solutions to liver health and liver diseases.


Committed to functional cure of hepatitis B, we stick to the original aspiration to protect human liver health. Based on exclusive hepatitis cure route of Cosunter, we develop with Wuxi AppTec 2 global new drugs of Category I (GST-HG131, GST-HG141), which can be taken together to enhance the efficacy and further implement a “hepatitis cure summit plan”.


On September 25, 2017, Cosunter and WuXi AppTec announced they made some phased breakthroughs in their joint development of targeted therapy drug GST-HG161 for new type of liver cancer of Asians. With good efficacy, target selectivity, safety and druggability, GST-HG161 excels the existing clinical drugs for liver cancer as well as the same international targeted drugs for liver cancer whose clinical data have been published. It is best-in-class targeted drug for liver cancer that has the best efficacy among the drugs under development for the same target whose efficacy is disclosed.


                                                                                Liver cancer targeted drug

On October 23, 2017, Cosunter and WuXi AppTec announced they made some phased breakthroughs in development of targeted drug GST-HG151 for new type NASH. At present, there are no drugs approved in the globe for treatment of NAFLD and NASH. As a hotspot in global liver disease field, development of this project is hoped to fill the gap in global hepatic fibrosis field, offer a solution to the universal problem of irreversible hepatic fibrosis and cirrhosis.  


                                                                                New NASH-targeted drug

With innovative spirits, there will be a promising future. Cosunter used to imitate other companies and focus on hepatitis B virus but now are committed to originality and development and production of global new drugs for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, fatty liver and liver cancers and liver protection. It keeps the original aspiration and innovating to become the liver drug manufacturer of the most innovative value in China.


Cosunter further improves overall arrangement in liver protection industry by acquisition of Zhongxing Pharm, the largest silymarin (a liver protection product) series manufacturer in China. As one of world recognized natural botanical drugs for liver production, silibinin has been defined as an effective drug for cure of hepatitis B in Chronic Hepatitis B Control Guidelines.


Cosunter extends its industry chain laterally by moving strongly into high-end medical service industry. It integrates global high-end technologies and industrial resources to create an industry chain covering regional human gene research, reproductive science and high-end medical care for women and children. It is committed to an innovative strategy based on two-wheel drive for development in both medical and pharmaceutical industries.


On July 25, 2017, Cosunter signed the Letter of Intention on Cooperation with United Family Healthcare to introduce this U.S. funded high-end medical care leader in Asia to Fujian. United Family Healthcare advanced hospitals for women and children are set up in Xiamen, Fuzhou and other places to explore the high-end medical service field in Fujian Province. United Family Healthcare is the only medical institution in China that has both JCI and CAP certificates.


On July 25, 2017, Cosunter entered into a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Reproductive Genetic Innovations, LLC (referred to as RGI Chicago). RGI Chicago, a global leader highly recognized in genetic diagnosis, was founded by Dr. Yevy Verlinsky, the father of PGD Science. RGI Chicago is the only genetic data center and laboratory in America that is granted by WHO, and the testing authority for studies and clinical tests of American genetic and hereditary diseases. Yulane Reproductive Genetic Institute, a world famous reproductive genetic research institution owned by RGI, has one of the largest laboratory in the world and authoritative and experience genetic scientists.

RGI China, Cosunter's wholly-owned subsidiary, aims at creating a genetic research center with world-class technology and international certification standards and provide world-leading reproductive services for Chinese people. Foundation of RGI China is an important step for the layout in high-end reproductive science and establishment of an industry chain covering human genetic research, reproductive science and world-class women and children health care services.



At the beginning of 2018, Cosunter will cooperate with Xiamen University in fields of innovation platform, research and development of new drugs and talent development and work together for the cause of human health. Thus, it signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Xiamen University. This agreement is a significant step for Cosunter and Xiamen University to work together for the cause of human health and lays a solid foundation for all-round strategic cooperation of both parties in technology innovation, medical service platform, talent development and capital investment, indicating Cosunter is on a new journey for an innovative future.


Time flies endlessly.

On the new journey towards this spectacular new era, we, with great ambition, set sail and move forward with times to become a determined and aspiring fighter in the new era; we will keep striving with indomitable will and write a new chapter for the new journey.


Although rooted in China, our journey is the vast ocean and universe. 

We are driven by the original aspiration and navigated by our mission.

Hello, the new era!

Leap to the next level.