We are Cosunter
Fujian Cosunter pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. was founded since 2001 and initially publical listed at ShenZhen stoke Exchange in year 2015 (stock symbol:300436).
Focus on antiviral field
Cosunter drive the advancement of liver health and anti-virus sectors, and offering five clinically preferred anti-HBV drugs including Entecavir, the foundation of nucleoside analog, and Silibin Meglumine Tablet, a unique product of Hepatoprotective, which showing excellent efficacy to change liver function.
Expand product portfolio
We are strategically optimizing science-driven R&D resources and proactively entering areas of cardiovascular, man health and specialty generics.
Address critical disease challenges
Cosunter is targeting global first-in-class innovative drugs, devoting to develop HBV functional cure, liver cancer , liver fibrosis and anti-virus molecules for people’s health.
Build leadership in anriviral therapies
We shall continuingly strive for patients’ better living, pushing the boundaries of virus treatment. Cosunter innovative COVID-19 treatment drug Tazovid® has successfully launched 2023 to beat the serious disease and save lots of lives.